Tarheel communications solutions provides the following for the village of Pinehurst

  • In conjunction with the 2014 U.S. Open Championships, Tarheel Communications Solutions worked with the Village of Pinehurst to develop a comprehensive event plan and calendar – “The Road to the Open.” Tarheel Communications worked with the USGA and Village of Pinehurst to identify and execute possible events for the Village that will bring people to the area after golf is complete during the U.S. Open Championships. We provided promotional and operational support where necessary, and solicited sponsors for these events as well. 
  • Tarheel Communications completed a series of articles about Village of Pinehurst History that were distributed to local, regional, and national media. These articles can be read in our blog.
  • Tarheel Communications has been retained in 2015 to produce a comprehensive public relations plan for the 100th Anniversary of the Pinehurst Harness Track.