Tarheel Communications Solutions, LLC has been operating a small marketing and event agency in Pinehurst, North Carolina for over 7 years.  They have a maintained a wide range of “Best in Class” clients and managed events including Pinehurst Resort, U.S. Kids Golf, The Village of Pinehurst, Moore County Airport, Pinehurst Concours d’Elegance and the National College Alumni Team Championship.  New Business Development has been limited due to the time and effort demands from the existing client base.


Expand the existing operations of Tarheel Communications and increase revenues without jeopardizing the current business relationships for the agency.  Additional revenues will allow for additional staff support and the development of new business relationships and owned events for the company.


Created a new partnered agency that is focus on developing and operating innovated owned events.  Tarheel Festivals, LLC connects with the existing Tarheel Communications brand, but allows for partnered agency support, which increases staff and financial resources for the company.  The first owned event, The Festival D’Avion, a celebration of freedom and flight was held at the Moore County Airport in April, 2018 and resulted in a highly successful niche event for the community.  The Festival D’Avion has become an annual event, and additional unique events are being developed by Tarheel Festivals, LLC for the future.