The U.S. Kids Golf Foundation has been operating as a non-profit foundation for 12 years.  The foundation was formed by U.S. Kids Golf, LLC and the Foundation has been self-funded by revenues from Local Tours, Regional Championships, International Championships and the U.S. Kids Golf World Championships.  Growth and expansion of the Foundation requires outside corporate sponsorships and the development of new business opportunities.

To to develop a series of strategic corporate alliances and corporate partnerships to increase revenues for the Foundation for the future.  Additional revenues will allow for the expansion of the Foundation’s global reach, increases for headquarters and field staff and the opportunities to enhance the existing tournaments and championships.

Developed a new business strategy plan to include targeted alliance partners from specific business categories including automotive, travel, beverage (Soda, Sport and Water) shipping, telecommunications and golf-centric companies.  Development of presentation material and identification of corporate contacts have lead to the creation of several supporting sponsorship for the Foundation and its Championships.  New business relationships have been developed with EZGO, Avis, Coca-Cola, Honda, Verizon, FedEx and Premier Golf.