The Kuester Companies is a commercial real estate company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  They had been looking to expand into the Pinehurst/Southern Pines area and they were hired to manage a shopping center project in Taylortown, which is adjacent to Pinehurst.  Central Park South is a collection of established businesses and vacant stores, and the Kuester Group was charged with managing the property and identifying new businesses to locate in this commercial space.

Develop a comprehensive public relations campaign to attract new businesses to Central Park South, and to provide exposure for the Kuester Companies through community outreach and positive publicity

Through advertising and public relations we were able to attract new tenants to Central Park South including one restaurant (The Market Place), which tripled its business from their former location in Southern Pines.   Additional promotions including open houses, and Chamber of Commerce business after hours functions, have developed several lead for this project.  Following the success for this campaign the Kuester Companies have opened a permanent office at Central Park South and have had several new commercial projects within the community added to their business inventory.