Acura has been a strategic partner for the Pinehurst Resort since 2005. As the Preferred Vehicle of Pinehurst, Acura was/is focused on increasing exposure for the Acura brand, increasing the number of “butts in seats” guest drive opportunities, and driving exposure to new markets for the Acura Vehicles. At the same time, Pinehurst Resort was looking to maximize the opportunities with one of their lead partners and increase “heads in beds” to drive revenues and room nights.

Create a National golf event for Acura at Pinehurst that would reach out to a new market for the Acura brand and increase new room nights and revenues for the Pinehurst Resort.

Created the Acura College Alumni Team Championship, which is a grassroots event that provides Acura with branding exposure at Division I University golf tournament fundraisers held at the local level leading to a National Championship at Pinehurst. 60 Universities participate annually. Acura gets exposure to over 10,000 potential customers at the local level, plus the branding exposure with a National Championship at Pinehurst. Pinehurst generates annually over 700 room nights and revenues close to $400,000 per year with the Acura College Alumni Team Championship. In addition, the universities have seen increases in their fundraising due to Acura and Pinehurst’s participation in their events.