All Hail the "Executioner"

How many times have you made the statement if I was paid for my ideas, I’d be a wealthy person?  The truth is, if you were paid simply for your creativity you would probably be struggling to make ends meet.  In the real world ideas have little to no value.  It is the execution of the ideas that hold value.

Good ideas are a dime a dozen and even that price is too high.  It can only begin to have value when it’s an idea plus execution.  Until then it’s still just an idea.  When you combine an idea with a great team that can execute the idea it can start to have potential, but the real value remains zero until it gets tested and evaluated by real customers.

Have you ever regretted the fact that you didn’t think of some great idea before someone else did?  Would it have made any difference if you did?  You are probably sitting on lots of great ideas that someone else is already implementing.

Ideas are easy.  Implementing and idea is hard because that is where they get complicated.  Turning something mental into something physical is often quite a challenge.  Co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs said “ideas are worth nothing unless executed.  Execution is worth millions.”

When Google started as a search engine, the idea to create a search engine was not new.  There were many search engines that proceeded Google, but the differentiation was how the founders executed the components of the new search engine.  The idea for Google wasn’t valuable, but the execution of Google was priceless.

Thomas Edison, the greatest innovator of all time, put it well.  “Innovation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.  The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”

We need to reflect on how much time we spend on idea generation or inspiration versus the execution of the next great idea.  Remember creativity is only a small piece of having a successful business.  How the ideas evolve through innovation is where success will be found.

It is doubtful that you have a shortage of good ideas in your life.  If you had to decide between gaining five new ideas versus successfully implementing five ideas you already have, which would you choose?  I would much rather be an “executioner. “